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Information on our special item delivery service

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Art and antique furniture

Have a piano to move? What about that vintage motorcycle? Or that pallet of champagne glasses? However fragile or awkwardly shaped your items are we can provide a suitable transportation solution and pay the required level of attention to your items to ensure that they are delivered in the condition that you want them.

Packing with extra care

Some items require that extra special touch to ensure that they are appropriately packaged, handled and delivered, without being damaged or arriving in a condition that they were not obtained in. We ensure that any items that need extra attention receive it and we will always use the most appropriate solutions to package and transport your items.


We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest professional standards and providing the highest possible quality of service. Dowes have Goods In Transit Insurance and Public Liability Insurance to ensure that in the unlikely event of any unfortunate incidents, both our members of staff and our clients are covered every step of the way.

  • Transport

    Our movers are experts in transporting items safely and efficiently. We ensure your items are transported in the most appropriate way possible.

  • Delicate Packaging service

    Shipping something fragile? We can package and transport your items securely and ensure that the special care they require is provided.

  • Dedicate Help center

    We are always available on the phone and via e-mail to communicate with you every step of the way of the transportation of your items.

  • Packing service

    Dowes can provide a wide range of packing materials and can also provide additional packing services. These materials can be provided on the day of your move of beforehand

Packing & Moving charges

Moving cost P/H 1 Man 2 Men
Self Load £30 p/h -
Loading/Unloading £35 p/h £50 p/h
Packing Service £40 p/h £60 p/h
Disassembly/Reassembly £50 p/h £65 p/h
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